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Set of 5 Units VS-3CAP

Set of 5 Units VS-3CAP

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The VS-3CAP is a novel vibration transducer consisting of three very low noise condenser microphones, enclosed in a watertight, linear array. This arrangement of the capsules achieves a greater pick-up surface of the instrument, as well as an improved response rich in harmonics and a superior tonal balance compared to other systems that use a single capsule, thus achieving audio quality and a high range. Dynamic, unprecedented until now in this type of microphones.

Its low-profile body makes it usable in most situations without compromising the performance of the musical instrument.

It is made up of a 2.75 m microphonic capsule. of strong, flexible, balanced and shielded black cable, and an ultra low noise Phantom preamplifier, integrated in the male XLR3 connector itself and supplied with 10 cm. fixing adhesive)

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