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Transmission system

audio with PLC technology

First PLC system on the Proaudio market

The multichannel audio transmission system with PLC (Power Line Communication) technology is the first in the professional market to incorporate this advantageous technology.

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Transmission via standard power cables

Use of 3 x 1.5-2.5mm wiring and standard Powercon connectors that avoid the need for heavy and expensive hybrid cables, complicated to make.

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High-quality digital audio without delays

Up to 16 audio channels in 24bit/96kHz quality with a maximum latency between input and output of less than 28μs

Elimination of ground loops

Elimination of the classic and annoying ground loop problems that occur when power and audio signals have different references to ground

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Perfect galvanic isolation

VS Audiosystems PLC systems have galvanic isolation systems for the audio signal and power supply by means of a transformer that guarantee the complete safety of the users.

Quick, easy and error-free channel selection

The VS Audiosystems PLC  receivers have a 16-position channel selector and a highly visible display that allow quick channel changes, without the possibility of errors in low visibility situations such as a change monitor setup on a stage with different bands.

easy to use

You just have to connect a transmitter with the necessary receivers, select the desired channel on each one and start working. No complicated settings.

2021-03-26 Re producto OEM y packs VSAS_
Integration in self-amplified systems

There is a PLC receiver version with identical specifications, specially designed so that any manufacturer can implement our technology in their own self-amplified systems.

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